Research ASsistance Position

The project will include assessment of current levels of infrastructure resiliency, and fast-track science based consensus building for the rebuilding effort that ensures infrastructure and community resiliency in the face of future extreme weather events. One of our research objectives is to develop a structure-based (social and human-centric) assessment approach for identification and descriptive characteristics of human and engineered systems. As part of this exercise we will gather narratives from individuals who experienced Hurricane Maria and continue to experience its aftermath. This information will help us virtually reconstruct the sequence and impact of physical infrastructure failure on communities.

Job description:

Research assistants will serve as Project Facilitators by collecting participant stories.

  • The candidate should be comfortable learning new social science tools for research

  • The candidate will be involved in fieldwork and participate in scribing activities for selected research sites

  • The candidate will help with translation of narratives between Spanish and English

  • The candidate will work to raise awareness of the ERIC initiative through digital and social media, print media, and educational and personal networks to advance narrative collection


  • A webinar training session at the end of March

  • Narrative collection (online and in the field) during April, May, and June

Qualified Candidates may be students (graduate or undergraduate) or other. If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to Eve Marenghi ( with subject line “ERIC Research Assistant”.